Hublot Berluti: The New Classic Fusion Chronograph Replica Watch

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Since 1895, the year of its foundation in France by the Italianman Alessandro Berluti, the Parisian Maison dresses the most elegant men in the world, who choose Berluti conquered by the refinement and creativity of his polished skins. In 2016, Hublot launched the innovative Classic Fusion Berluti line, bringing to the wrist the inimitable style of the famous “shoemaker” Berluti on its 120th anniversary.

This model used for the first time the famous Venetian Berluti leather for strap and dial. This exclusive tanning, developed by Olga Berluti, Alessandro’s heir, required the elaboration of a complex and delicate process before being used in a replica watch. For example, it has been necessary to neutralize moisture contained in the skin before it can be encapsulated in a sapphire crystal.

A year later, Hublot decided to push even further in the use of this prestigious natural material signed Berluti, applying it to his Classic Fusion chronograph, a operation made particularly complicated by the presence on the dial of two counters at 3 and 9 and the date window . It was therefore necessary to review the process and develop new procedures to stabilize the skin despite the additions.

Result: This new replica Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti comes in two versions with a diameter of 45 mm, “King Gold” and “Written All Black”. Both versions, each limited to 250 pieces, feature hand-woven and hand-woven straps, presented in a Berluti Bespoke casket containing a complete set of Berluti leather care and polishing. Thanks to Hublot replica, Berluti’s leather goods are now also worn on the wrist.

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