Superman Wears a Replica Omega DeVille

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Henry Cavill And Replica Omega De Ville

Wwwoooww! What a beautiful picture, I would say impeccable rather. Actors beautiful, handsome, that look elegant and almost perfect in this photo. They are the well-known actress Amy Adams, co-star of the new and already famous and new film of Superman (the Man of Steel) and the actor Henry Cavill main actor in its paper like Clark Kent.

The film’s premiere took place on July 14 this year (2013) on the red carpet in New York, but this photo was taken at the London premiere on June 12. At 38 Amy looks completely radiant although her dress does not help at all, too casual for the occasion and also somewhat youthful for her. As for Henry, he looks absolutely spectacular and elegant in his blue cloth suit, his elegant pose and his striking watch, all together worthy of a superman. Henry attended the gala accompanied by his new and expensive acquisition, this is his replica Omega DeVille Hour Vision Annual Calendar watch with co-axial exhaust, a beautiful piece equipped with pink gold and an elegant bracelet in brown leather (also comes in blue and black). Pink gold and brown strap … an unusual mix but that combines in the end, and very well.

Would you like to have this watch for almost 24 thousand dollars? I know what you’re thinking 24 thousand dollars? What you should know is that you can get the same watch through a Replica Omega at a much more reasonable price and at your fingertips.

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