Rolex GMT Master II PVD Replica Review

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I recently purchased a Rolex GMT Master II PVD replica because I always liked its appearance, although I never had the chance to buy one. The original model was designed for use in aviation, so that pilots could have two time zones simultaneously and one extra thanks to the rotating bezel. The green hand that indicates the GMT time is quite useful if you travel frequently and need to know the time in another time zone. The combination between the new ceramic bezel and the PVD coating looks phenomenal. The GMT hand can be easily changed without having to change the hands of minutes and hours, which makes this small feature quite ingenious; It is also useful when someone you know is in a place with another time zone and wants to know what time it is there before calling.

Rolex GMT Master II PVD Replica

In regards to style, I am very happy with this acquisition. The unmistakable glamor of a Rolex watch was one of the main characteristics that interested me and they made me buy one. Of course, it’s just a replica watch but it’s almost impossible to find a difference between my watch and the original. He does not belive me? Here are some pictures of my Rolex GMT II replica and some of the original model.

Rolex GMT Master II PVD Replica 3

spent looking at the same photographs for hours, trying to find some small feature that made me notice that my watch was really a replica and the only difference I found was a small text on the cover. The part that says “PRO-HUNTER” in my copy rolex is not found in the photographs of the original. In addition to that, all inscriptions and details are present, from the magnifying lens over the area where the date is displayed, to the green GMT hand.

Rolex GMT Master II PVD Replica 1

The design of black color on black color without a doubt is the feature that pleases me because it adds a lot of style, and nowadays it is recognized as a status symbol thanks to its elegant design. Knowing that my Rolex replica looks like the original model, I have to say that I made a good decision when I finally decided to acquire it. The main reason why I got this watch is because of the appearance, although I am also happy with its operation.

Rolex GMT Master II PVD Replica 2

Here are some pictures of the authentic Rolex GMT Master PVD, just for comparison reasons:

market rolex

Genuine Rolex GMT PVD

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